Are you looking for a job that will fulfil your life and take you places?

Vassallo Group is your solution. As one of Malta’s most established companies, we pride ourselves in providing a work environment that you will want to excel in. Our fast-growing and diverse industries can lay the path to your dream career. Whether your skill-set is suited for Vassallo Builders, CareMalta, CaterEssence or Vassallo Group Realty, our team of experts will guide you through your journey and give you a sense of belonging allowing you to shine within your department.


We’re an ever-growing family of experts and we take our potential recruits seriously. Every new team member is asked in for an interview prior to employment. Our friendly HR team are looking for candidates with enthusiasm and experience to take on the daily work challenges here at Vassallo Group.


The executive leadership team is the driving force behind the group’s growth and achievements as well as its positive performance in the past years.


We want you to be happy! We strive to promote a healthy work-life balance where you can fully focus on your work duties while in the office. No matter the industry, we are fuelled by a  serene and motivating environment to help you  achieve in your career. 

When I first joined the company I had questions whether as a foreigner I will be fully accepted by my employer and my colleagues. After almost 2 years I can now say that I feel accepted and respected. This group truly embraces diversity and treats its employees as members of the same family.

Anuya Bartolo

Domestic, CareMalta
I’ve been with this group for 10 years and I can tell that there wasn’t any regret in these past 10 years that I have been working. I’m a foreigner and coming from a different culture I can say that I am very happy with Vassallo Group. This company is very different from other companies as they believe in you and encourage you to learn and improve in your field. Seeing my friends working with other companies I can compare and there aren’t a lot of company’s like this. We are treated equally.


My life at Vassallo Group goes back to my university days when I worked as an accounts clerk with Vassallo Builders on a part-time basis while I was studying. The directors and management always encouraged me to continue studying which led to various promotions within the company and leadership courses organised giving me the experience I needed to be able to manage my team more efficiently.


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We value your hard work! What we offer as a group to those who join us is an acknowledgement of the skills, capabilities and experience you share with the team. In a nutshell there are ten good reasons why you should

We Encourage


We want you to grow in your profession. We encourage all our staff to reach their full potential by offering training programmes in state-of-the-art training facilities. We train you on-the-job and guide you in achieving your goals at your own pace with our full support.

We Reward Hard Work

We believe that a job well-done needs to be rewarded. Hard work and taking initiative are key factors in recognising the determination in our staff. We want you to see your competitive salaries and performance bonuses as an evaluation of your performance on the job.

We are One Team

We know that together we can achieve more. We encourage teamwork and do not micro-manage. We count on you to reach deadlines, deliver exceptional work and achieve in your career as a team. This mentality is what gives Vassallo Group its success. Our support through the tough times is what we are most proud of – we offer an Employee Assistance Programme through the Richmond Foundation and have also founded Arkati Foundation to provide instant help when needed.

We Reward Loyalty

We believe in perks and we reward loyalty. Every employee who continues on with us after three years of employment receives a yearly bonus as acknowledgement for their loyalty and commitment to the team. We also value our employees who reach retirement with the company and evaluate their hard work and service with a Retirement Bonus scheme. We also believe in continual recognition and give out loyalty cards to our team where discounts and offers can be enjoyed.  

We are Reliable

We believe in growth. One of the most rewarding factors of employment is watching your team grow and develop in their career. With a myriad of job possibilities within Vassallo Group, we offer all our employees stability, reassurance and the possibility to grow in their career. We are honoured that a number of our employees have formed part of our team for twenty, thirty and even forty years.  

We Believe in a Balanced


Life outside the workplace is important. We want all our employees to enjoy their free time with family and friends. We support you in your life choices and give you the possibility of growth and adventure in your free time. We offer family friendly alternatives to help structure the work-life balance. 

We Listen

We want you to talk to us. Our HR team takes pride in their availability to all members of staff. We create a welcoming environment for you to express your opinions through staff meetings, one-to-one meetings, employee engagement surveys and consultative committees. Our full participation in your personal growth is what helps us understand your professional requirements within the company. 

We Embrace Cultural


We believe in diversity. What better way to achieve that than by supporting a workforce hailing from over 50 nations! Our philosophy is owed to cultural variety and the creative drive that results in working with a diverse team. We believe that innovation and inspiration are further increased due to the cultural diversity within Vassallo Group.  

We Promote Equality

In our opinion, excellence has no race, gender, sex, sexual orientation or physical and mental ability. At Vassallo Group we strive for excellence and this is brought about by our diverse workforce. We promote an inclusive work environment that many of our members call home. We are proud to hold the Equality Mark Award from the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE).  

We are Fun

We love to be social. We believe in a strong team that empowers every member to reach their full potential. With social events, festive parties, a varied calendar of events we strive to provide you with a dynamic social life with your team. We also strongly believe in altruism and encourage the sense of community within Vassallo Group. In the past, we’ve organised tree planting activities, blood drives and have even encouraged ethical incentives such as organ donation. We want to encourage a sense of community and believe in giving back to the community.   



We are always on the lookout for interesting people to join our team, we also hire new employees on a regular basis. If you’re interested in joining our team; check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for any updates.


We’re always looking for new members to join our team. The current vacancies are:


We believe in mentoring and host inclusive internship programmes throughout every department within Vassallo Group. We encourage our interns to form part of the team by taking part in social activities, attending meetings and following a normal day’s work within the company.

We value and appreciate all the hard work that our interns do. If you’re interested in becoming an intern, contact the HR Department of your preference.


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Pending deadlines, a hectic work schedule and juggling a work-life balance strain my daily agenda to the limits, at times trapping little resting intervals and leaving me with barely any time off. Consequently, I have learnt that stress is not avoided but managed.

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Pending deadlines, a hectic work schedule and juggling a work-life balance strain my daily agenda to the limits, at times trapping little resting intervals and leaving me with barely any time off. Consequently, I have learnt that stress is not avoided but managed.

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