A Day in the life of a site foreman

Stonework has been in Fredrick Mallia’s bloodline for generations. His own father passed on the traditional art of masonry, where Fredrick took his appreciation to greater lengths, by taking on what his father taught him and applying it to bring joy to others. With five years of experience on his back, Fredrick is happily embracing his new role as Site Foreman within Vassallo Builders.

The complex job Fredrick has embraced carries multiple challenges – from managing a site and serving as a support system to his team, to getting his hands dirty at the construction site, to certify all jobs have been carried out and the final product is as promised. Responsibilities start calling at 06:45am on a daily basis, where he oversees what needs to be completed on the day, assigns tasks to each team member, appoints team leaders, guiding and offering advice when his team hit rough patches.

Fredrick wears many role hats at once; having a keen eye on the extensive number of speciality trades and materials used during construction allows his team members to trust his expertise and reasoning. Shuttering, steel fixing, masonry, joinery and finishing are all professions Fredrick got exposure to through Vassallo Builders before his latest promotion, together with the operation of tower and mobile cranes. His experience reached new summits with a masonry licence and a management course to fit his role as a supervisor. The nucleus to all onsite operations lays in teamwork – trusting each tradesman with his own responsibilities to make sure everything goes as planned. With a dedicated team such as Fredrick’s, their synergy makes them a dream team.

A Day in the Life of a Site Foreman

The man’s passion can be felt from a mile away, and the more he converses about his job, the more we can confirm that he was destined to undertake this line of work. Fredrick compares construction to building a puzzle; one small piece after another to create an astonishing picture.

I love to visit a site before the first shovel digs into the dirt. I look at the barren landscape and picture in my mind the finished building. It’s like we’re reshaping a piece of the world into something truly useful.”

The local mason profession has been hitting lows for a number of years, with a decrease in youngsters showing interest in this field. Listening to Fredrick speak with such passion about his line of work fills us with hope. His earnest advice to all aspiring tradesmen is to start from the very bottom and learn the way up. Summer jobs in construction are the perfect way to pave a career and never let the grunt work put a stress on future goals. Carrying heavy equipment, sweeping the building’s dirt and hammering nails is just the start to a profession that gives back lots.

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